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Purple Fluorite Octahedron 1 ¼ inch Crystal


  • Fluorite Crystals remindus of the power of the spoken word, and is also known as the most peace-giving of the fluorites, bringing mental order and clarity. A highly defensive crystal, used for stabilizing and balancing spiritual energy. The perfect size for gifts, pocket stones, home décor, and/or collecting. Healing properties include bringing order to chaos, restoring things to wholeness, and reestablishing a desired flow of the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. Absorbing negative energies that computers and other electronic devices give. If you are a person who have a hard time being around large groups of people because they seem to drain you, wearing a piece of fluorite will help shield and protect against such energies if you so choose.



  • Listing is for (1) one Gemstone
  • Free Personalized Gift Messaging (Optional)
  • Free Affirmation Card Included
  • They are great to use with meditation and spiritual work. Your beliefs are valid and important. Thank you for your support. God Is Everything! -Star

“Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your request known to God.” PHILIPPIANS 4:6


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